Fall Purge

Kurt and I always get a little nuts this time of year ... Knowing the cageyness of the colder months is coming ...and confronting the chaos of a whole summer of letting things go for the sake of kicking it to the beach many days . It is definitely a situation where many things will get WORSE before they get better . In our case we always find a few things to sell. A few things to give . Many things that need throwing away . He and I both wear many hats and in addition to multiple jobs we both have we both have many hobbies and ...2 boys ! This makes for absolute bedlam after a summer of fun in the sun and chucking " things " into the barn, in the closet , in the corners of the spare rooms... There is no way around this except to dive in and deal with each and every bit of it . The boots we thought would fit at least one of our sons this winter ..but don't ...to the kids shop . The bench i bought in an excited moment at an antique store but then realized after trying it EVERYWHERE that it's just not meant for me ...my home ...my life ...sell it. The things I loved last year but not really anymore ... or that were part of a project that no longer exists ...Donate. Give . Sell . Toss .

Do I NEED it ? Do I LOVE it ? ( not DID ... But DO :) )

Let it go. Make room for a new Fall & Winter

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