k e e p calm & c a r r y on

I have battled anxiety my whole adult life.. . off and on.

Every now and then it rears it's ugly head and forces me to stop . .. almost everything. . and seriously check what I have said "yes" to and what I can . . have to . . now . . say "no" to.

I have never been good at saying "no". Most of us aren't. Most of us want to . . when asked to do something. . just say " sure! I'm in!" But here's the thing. . .there are only 24 hours in a day, 7 days in a week. .. and not nearly enough weeks in a year. . . and years. . have a way of FLYING by.

When I start to feel the dizzy, heart pounding , mind breaking swirl of a panic attack coming on. . .for no apparent reason. .. i KNOW. .. I have once again. . .jammed TOO MUCH . . into my little life.

It's once again time. . to slow down. .. to savor the little days.. . even more then I already do.

It's time to admit.. . again . . that I . . . JUST. . CAN"T do it all.

There are simply not enough hours.

There is not enough energy.

There are not enough days.

There is not enough "me". . . to go around.

Every time things spiral. . I come closer to the ONE who KEEPS my heart.

And sometimes that's what it takes. And He knows it.

The only way we slow down sometimes is to be totally stopped in our

tracks. . .which were too many, too fast and going in too many different directions.

I am thankful for these seasons. . . as painful and scary and difficult as they are.

If they bring me back to You.

To the littleness of life .. .. to the everyday.

To the simple act. . of BEING.

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