Falling out of summer

f l e e t i n g

3 boys . we do life wild & crazy. that's all we got.

Fall is always a bittersweet time for me.

I start to unravel emotionally towards the end of it being a SUN bird and reluctantly heading back INto our NEST for the long, cold Maine Winter. But. . . there is SO much beauty here in Fall that it is too painful not to make every effort to soak up every last

bit of it. The leaves on the trees quiver differently this time of year.. . . they are turning colors and getting a little crispier with each passing day so their whispers are a bit louder and a little bit excited.. . for their last blaze of glory before falling to blanket and nourish the earth. We have family traditions of bon fires, hayrides, harvest parties, and eating as many meals as we can still outside. I turn down the gardens by heaping leaves onto them. I plant next years garlic . . enough to make it through another year. . enough to plant and a little extra to share. I start to think about more seriously all the creative ideas I had over the summer when we were swimming or laying out in the warm summer sun instead of hibernating indoors. . where. . you may just as well be knitting for days and days . . .or else you better have skis on.

I LOVE that there is always September and October where we very well may have hot summer-like days but then as SOON as the sun starts to set the temp falls FAST and you find yourself running back to the house for a hoodie.

Soon we will dig into our totes of warm things to wear.

Soon we will bake . . . often just to warm up the kitchen and cozy things up a bit.

Soon we will be carrying in armloads of logs and be stoking the fire morning, noon & night.


H O M E is wherever you are.

I don't think I could ever happily live.. . where there was no sea.

Is there anything so lovely as knitting on the beach?

Fall harvest. Blissy.

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